Forgiveness: The Reminder that National Kiss and Make-up Day Brings 

The following poem was inspired by National Kiss and Make Up Day. This day was meant to inspire release from past sorrow and to remind you that though wrongs exist and pain is there to follow, forgiveness and letting go will bring you the happiness you seek. Further, this poem was inspired by my pain, my sorrow, and the happiness that I search for every day. Enjoy.


Forgiveness is pain, rather, embracing that pain and then letting it go. 

Making space for new experiences and connections. 

Discovering that something lies beyond the transgressions that tied our arms behind our backs as our “negative” experiences slapped away out our faces.

The “negative” experiences that we had, gave way to the tears that landed on our cold silk pillows, on a warm summer night. 

Yet, those same tears slowly began to give way to our newfound courage, leading us closer to what we had always desired to experience. 

Slowly, both realities began to intertwine, the positive and the negative, to create the much-needed duality, that is you. That is us. 

Stronger, smarter, and happier, we arise from the rubble that we had to hibernate underneath to become the beautiful masterpieces that we are today.

While not perfect, our flaws, much needed, show us that flaws do exist. They do not only exist in ourselves but also others. 

They exist to lead us down the pathway of forgiveness.

Sometimes it is necessary to forgive for the sake of being able to continue to love our loved ones. To allow them the time and space to grow from their mistakes.

Sometimes it is necessary for the sake of peace of mind and to let go of the pain that was inflicted by the ones who have forsaken us. 

Sometimes, it’s both. 

Let go of that ball that lies in the bowels of your stomach that makes you hate, makes your frown and that separates you from the beautiful people and opportunities that lie just beyond. 

Let go of the expectations, the hope, and the pride and let what is be. The strain, the push, and the pull create more problems than it solves. Be at peace with what is now and let go of what was.


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