Fresh Start For The FCC

Greeted by \”don\’t censor our internet just cause Trump sucks,\” \”FCC hands off the internet,\” I attempt to make my way into the first Federal Communications Commission meeting under the Trump Administration.

New Commission Chair

At the last Commission meeting, Chairman Wheeler couldn\’t wait until the clock struck 12:10 p.m. so he could officially be out of office.  Who wasn\’t in a hurry is current Chairman Ajit Pai.  My arrival was timely, considering it was just in time for press questions.  But before we present our question, other members of the press asked Chairman Pai about set-top TV boxes, net neutrality, and what he thinks of internet companies.  Here\’s what I think of Internet cost, if it makes any difference, $1,000 is too much money for fiber optic service!  Needless to say, the cost of cloud space has been altered by climate change, maybe.


Q & A

DC Voice: Does the FCC plan on extending its jurisdiction beyond news stations to video online streaming?

FCC Chairman Pai: That\’s an issue that we haven\’t taken a look at in the last week, can\’t make a comment at this time.

Towards the Future

Well, I do recall the time my colleague presented on the topic of net neutrality in 2010, and it sure has generated much buzz since then.  Perhaps the FCC will take its own advice regarding staying connected during these digital times and extend its jurisdiction regulations to online video streaming sources since networking platforms now have the capability to go LIVE.  Facebook introduced LIVE with future plans of taking it up a notch, creating room for competition in the online video streaming marketplace.


Not sure if this is an entryway  for more fake news or room for competition, either way it is beneficial for the user of the platforms.  In the event that you\’re watching Facebook TV and a closed captioning is misleading, who will be accountable?  Currently, not the FCC.  The company must acknowledge the error if any.  After all, closed captioning isn\’t to mislead any audience, it is for the hearing impaired to have access to the medium.  Whether it\’s a TV Station or Facebook TV, regulations still need to be in place.


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