The G A I L Movement Connects With ISHTALK TV

Powered by PR WIZ, LLC, the G A I L movement is an exclusive Fitness, Lifestyle, and Wellness online resource facilitator and connector.  \”Getting Active Is Life\” ™ is taking over the web at a moderate rate, generating much buzz, and interest.  Creator Mindy Jo had the opportunity to share the movement with ISHTALK TV.

ISHTALKERS TV discusses topics ranging from social and political issues to tabloid and celebrity news, sex and relationships, love and games, hosted by AJTurnup, Bmore, and Champagne301 on Wednesday nights at Ripped Radio Network, an online entertainment network.

What is the GAIL movement?  That is a great question!  A movement focused on promoting engaging in physical activity by adopting a healthy lifestyle, nurturing the Mind, Body, and Soul.

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