Gentrification Never Sleeps


Gentrification has four main aspects to it. First there is the culture and character of the gentrified community. Often enough, the community is changed architecturally with its structures, landscaping and standards of how the community should behave. Secondly, there are the demographics which consist of an increase in evictions of low-income families, increase in rent and home prices and a decline in the previous inhabitants of that community. Thirdly, there’s an increase in development of high-end housing, live-work lofts, chic retail space and restaurants. Lastly, the Real Estate market is shot through the roof disabling the low-income and middle class to lose entire neighborhoods to wealthy, usually white newcomers that are usually young and single.

In the midst of this social and economic change through gentrification, displacement of local business owners, renters, low income families and natural residents of the community all are left to relocate, rebuild and /start over somewhere else. Only the economically sufficient survive.


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