Get Up, And Get On Down With Beat the Streets DC

Ring the alarm!- Well, not just yet.  It\’s a few weeks left before school is back in session for the students.  Beat the Streets DC is heating up the District with its pilot program offering an array of human service resources for residents and much more.

Beat the Streets DC has been operating in the District for the past 9 years, however their aim for these current community initiative engagement efforts are different.  Starting with a goal to reach higher since the city has changed tremendously, according to Arthur Douglas, MPD Officer.  The pilot program has much potential.  One of it\’s benefits is learning CPR, which can be a live saver, literally.  Not only that resource, but job training programs, prevention programs, along educational resources.

The most beautiful experience overall of Beat the Streets DC is being able to witness some of DC\’s most talented teens and youth such as Demi Monroe and Kidz N Charge.  If Beat the Streets DC adds backpacks to the list of continued community efforts in time for the start of school, that would aid in many undeserved children and youth being prepared and ready to learn, consider tax week is without representation this school year.

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