Grab Poverty by the \”P\”, and Create Opportunity

When was the last time you heard the saying \”take a walk in my shoes?\”  Well, just make sure the shoes have some quality soles for this journey. Map 16 is led by the most valuable person in America, Terence Lester.  He embarked upon his walk to Washington on behalf of poverty in America two months ago. He arrived from Atlanta, Georgia on time before the November 8th presidential election. His message; Grab Poverty by the \”P\”, and Create Opportunity.

An estimated 12, 035 people are homeless in the DMV region. That\’s according to the January \’09  \”Voiceless of our Nation\”. However, there are categories of homelessness. \”Literally homeless\” those without shelter, and \”formerly homeless\” those living in permanent supportive housing.  DC ranks the highest in the nation with regard to poverty. The homeless are persons that lack \”fixed, regular, and adequate\” housing, according to the Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness.

Grabbing Poverty by the \”P\”

Many \”P\” words are flying off the lips of potential presidential candidates, with no mention of the people. Mr. Lester says \”the P word is like a curse word. You don\’t hear anything about poverty.\”  Perhaps potential president Donald Trump will \”make America great,\” and address the issue with rooms at the Trump International Hotel. A hotel that average working America can\’t afford. But he can keep a close watch at the property since it\’s five blocks away from the White House. That\’s where Mr. Lester walked on behalf of poverty.

After 648 miles, 13 to 15 miles a day, and two months later, Terence Lester made it to the White House.  His final destination was the Martin Luther King Memorial. From there he found himself having to take just a few more steps across the street to the soccer field to deliver his message.  \”Stop building buildings and build people\” was the message Mr. Lester delivered.  Most importantly, he wants people to have more compassion and come together to fight poverty in America.



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