Hamilton Revamped and Upgraded


Hamilton Jr. High School was a neighborhood school for the Ward 5 Trinidad and Ivy City corridors. It served grades 7 through 9, and also housed several other schools within its walls. Bundy and Street Academy were two other program located in Hamilton. Bundy was for kids that needed special education and Street Academy was for adults trying to get their GED. All three schools functioned in the same building for years with little to no issues.


Hamilton, which was located near the Ivy City corridor and behind Gallaudet University has been demolished and replaced with KIPP DC, College Preparatory. KIPP DC is a High School serving grades 9 – 12 and was founded in 2009. Currently they have 450 students enrolled and the program thrives to develop the knowledge, skills, and strength of character needed to succeed in college and life. So far they have received awards for the Highest Performing, Open-Enrollment High School in Washington D.C. and 100% of the Class of 2015 was accepted to college; the class earned more than 3.3 million in college scholarships.


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