Heartbeat Hypocrisy

Why must someone\’s pro-life stance affect my uterus?

It’s a shame that in 2019, the year of Avengers Endgame, our government is choosing to drag us back into the dark ages. I’m not talking about racism. Instead, I’m focusing my attention on the disgusting “heartbeat” bill Georgia and Ohio’s governors have signed. The bill will ban (and criminalize) abortion after 6 weeks, prevent it’s residents from traveling outside the state for abortion services, allow interrogation of women who miscarry to ensure they weren’t at fault, and force women suffering from ectopic pregnancies to further endure a “re-implantation” procedure that doesn’t even exist. This is really one of the most shocking things I’ve seen in my lifetime. Especially when you consider that most women don’t even know they’re pregnant at 6 weeks.

It’s repulsive that the “pro-life” argument, which is so heavily veiled within religion, can be seen as anything but unconstitutional. It should not be the concern of the government to pass legislation based on a religious belief. Especially one that science can’t even corroborate. Unfortunately, it’s not a true patriarchy unless a bunch of halfwits find yet another way to further police the actions of women. Planned Parenthood, which mainly does work for accessible preventative care, has been de-funded. Birth control still requires a prescription, which means a copay. Once again, women in low income communities will bear the burden of this idiocracy. Men also carry no culpability in the creation of life according to this bill except financial. Haven’t we all seen how pathetic the child support system is? Men literally stop working to avoid having to pay.    

It is pathetic that pro-life argument is only used for abortion. Never when it comes to gun control, the death penalty, adoption, or free healthcare for all. There are over 440,000 children in the foster care system as we speak. Yet people are spending time protesting outside of abortion clinics instead of signing up to foster children. To add insult to injury, these same people won’t even allow sex education in schools! Are you kidding? Sending their sons into the world ill-informed with the “boys will be boys” mentality, leaving all responsibility to fall on someone’s daughter. Banning abortion doesn’t stop abortion. Women deserve the right to have access to do what they want, when they want, with their bodies in a safe manner. Whether or not someone agrees with the procedure is insignificant. It is becoming more obvious that even full grown adults don’t know the process of conception. The unfortunate choice is to ignore one heartbeat just because doctors can detect another.


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