Here Comes the {Fat} Bride: The Big Day

I walked down the aisle on June 15th, 2018, a fat bride. Was I at my goal weight? No. Did I miraculously lose 50 pounds and size my dress down to an 8? Definitely not. Did I choose to not worry about that nonsense and enjoy one of the most important days of my life? Abso-freaking-loutely!!!! Instead of dreading about my weight, I woke up on my wedding day filled with nerves. Excited that I was finally about to marry my best friend after dating for TWELVE years. Nervous about how ugly my cry face would be and reminding myself to walk slowly so I didn’t trip over my own feet. Most importantly, I felt beautiful.
Don’t get caught up on small things. Your family and friends love and support you regardless of your weight. If they don’t, go ahead and rescind their invite. I worked with a 20-something young woman that told me she refused to get married if she’s still fat when her boyfriend proposes. Only because she doesn’t want her family making fun of her weight! Life’s too short. Nothing will be perfect. If you get the pictures back and hate some of the angles, toss the bad ones out. Just don’t spend so much time being self-conscious that you look back at your wedding photos and remember how bad you felt. Enjoy your day because you’ve stressed out enough while planning for it!
I started this series because I know how frustrating it can be when almost none of the bridal magazines cater to plus size women. With weddings being a billion dollar industry, you’d think they would take a little extra time to make sure every woman was included. Instead, we’re given thousands of articles about weight loss and hardly any about self acceptance. The cultural representation is severely lacking also, but that’s another post altogether. The bottom line is, you deserve to feel happiness every day, and that counts twice on your wedding day.

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