Hillary Clinton Honors White Women with a Bash During Women\’s History Month

Is it proper etiquette, for a former First Lady and Secretary of State to travel the country talking about her short-lived sitcom of sharing the exact seat of her husband, by bashing women to persuade the people in the audience?  Maybe this is a new strategy for a political party to adopt to prevent the possibility of any future allege meddling in Presidential elections.
During a recent private visit to India, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended a panel discussion at the “India Today Concave 2018.”  She was asked about the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election results to which she replied “We don’t do well with white men, and we don’t do well with married white women.  Part of that is because of the identification of the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever believe you should.”  Should she have just spoken in first person instead?  Who is we?  Is she referencing the Democratic Party?  Was there extra pressure on her to win President?
Is now a great time to shift the blame on women who identify as white in America?  Should this be considered pragmatic principles, or the sub-conscious calling for clarity on conceding to the 2016 Presidential race.  Was her response a strategy to instigate or inflame the decisions for white women in future elections?  Should the families in America figure out who really is making the best decision for the welfare of the whole family?  It sure doesn’t appear to be white women, according to the election poll results along with how Hillary feels.
Are African American women left out of the conversation because they don’t identify as having a partner or husband, a son, or a boss who believes that they would have a change in heart in their living conditions and standards?  Or are no African American women affiliated with the Republican Party?  Was Hillary Clinton’s statement the perfect stage setting on a global scale to bash white women, but have the perfect public relations pitch when she returns home and gathers with African American women?
Chances are the conversation took place after Hillary Clinton slipped down steep stairs in India during her private trip.  If so, that may have had an impact on the inference which was made.  But that could very well be her own personal sentiment.  Since Bollywood is home to India, it would have made more since to have a conversation centered around her #Grammys presentation of “Fire and Fury.”  But that was not well received either, maybe that was because of white women also.
Sure, many women around the world will remember former First Lady Hillary Clinton especially during Women’s History Month, and how she ridiculed them on a global scale.  Such a grandiose sentiment to send during a moment of celebration and honor.  Hopefully, her panel discussion did not spark the need to spread a division among those who identify as women, regardless of their ethnicity.  Maybe she encouraged more women to think independently from those whom believe in them when making sound decisions.  Can women think for themselves during election time without the pressures of the men in their lives?  Hillary Clinton may think differently, hence her now global campaign for not conceding to the 2016 Presidential elections.