IBM is Helping Move Government and Industry Towards a Digital Transformation

\"\"Whether you\’re looking to take your business up a notch with cloud space coverage, Cybersecurity solutions or ensure the product sourcing through blockchain technology, IBM continues to provide the innovative solutions both government and industries need to thrive and carry out their mission, shaping the future of government and industry.
IBM held its second annual think Gov. on March 14 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington DC.  A moment of inspiration, insight, and perspective from eminent speakers and presenters from both government and industry sharing the art of the possible with technology, demonstrations incorporating AI, open scale, blockchain, cloud, quantum and the internet of things.
A few notes gathered from the experts at the second annual think Gov. event:
Using Data to Achieve Success

  • Tools to discover information have gotten better.
  • Artificial Intelligence will assist in having conversations to accomplish a task since a lot of information is unstructured.
  • Start small then go big. People tend to think about the big solutions, but start small building on that success.
  • Artificial Intelligence can help government and industry professionals understand their questions in plain language.

Improving the Work Experience with Digital Platforms

  • Changing composition in the workforce by shifting culture in organizations and how they think and use technology.
  • New technologies help shape products and services for government and industry use.
  • Understanding Cybersecurity is not enough to improve business process and exchanging information.
  • The supply chain getting beyond the fisherman test, blockchain is more integrated and improves security-allowing limited ability to alter records.
  • Focus on data that your agency or business can really modernize.  The most important jobs will focus on data.
  • Your agency or business success rate starts from a concept.

Keynote Session with John C.P. Allessio, Vice President Global Services, Red Hat

  • Red Hat is here to assist customers with today\’s digital transformation by providing specialize and custom tools.
  • Recognizing a number of customers and products going through a large change trying to go digital, a tool which Red Hat provides, Dev Ops can help power companies digital transformation, through their unique application and method of infusing culture, operation processes, and technology to provide meaningful solutions.
  • Red Hat offers open invitation labs, where they share with customers the methods and tools necessary to assist your organization on their journey to digital transformation.

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