If Not Plus, Then What?

Terminology makes a big difference

      One thing that definitely divides the plus size community is the term “Plus Size.” People either love it or they hate it. I personally don’t mind the term. If companies are going to market to us specifically, they need something to let us know that. However, I don’t agree with the disconnect between us and straight sizing. How do we get the term “plus” if they have “straight” as a reference? I see how people take offense to that. There is no correlation between the two words. If the fashion industry wants to continue to use the term plus, they should change straight to minus. If they want to keep straight, they should change plus to curve.

Minus/Plus Vs. Straight/Curve

      It goes without saying, the opposite of plus is minus. If we must be called plus, minus deserves to be used for the other end of the spectrum. Solely using the term plus makes the whole industry seem like an afterthought. Which often times it is. As a result, a negative connotation is born. On the other hand, straight and curve sizing has a more positive connotation. People always argue “Not every fat person is curvy.” Not every skinny person is “straight” yet the term is still standard. Asos and Boohoo both use the term “curve” for extended sizing. For Undie-fined, I prefer curve as well. These words sound more pleasant and inclusive than the former.    

      Overall, if anything, the straight/curve terminology is a start to making the fashion industry more size inclusive. Something as simple as a name can bring a positive impact on how companies view us. More importantly, it improves how we view ourselves. Hopefully, one day we won’t need these labels at all. Until that day arrives, let’s change the name to something more bearable.


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