In Black America, Black History Facts

Just about anyone who has a smart phone these days can listen to their jams instantly whether it be on Tidal, Spotify, Soundcloud, or Datpiff. However, back in the 1960\’s these technologies had not been thought of.  A relatively new concept had emerged in the field of radio and by 1969 had become a successful form of communication with the black community, \”Soul Radio\” has proved meaningful and relevant to blacks because its music, advertisements, and social commentary are aimed specifically at black interest.  There is ample evidence of the success of \”Soul Radio.\”

Black cultural and historical programs also emerged in 1969.  Columbia University created the \”Black Encyclopedia of the Air,\” a series of 28 segments on black culture sent to black radio stations throughout the country. Produced by the Black Identity Project at Columbia, the programs reflected the purpose of the research project: to help blacks become more aware of their past and to give them a stabilizing sense of self-identity and pride.

(In Black America, 1970, Books, Inc.)

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