In Black America, Black History Facts

Ready… he was, but his teammates  might not have been ready to receive the passes in Super Bowl 50, as Carolina Panther Cameron Newton played passionately.  The defense among both teams was tremendous although there were so many flags on the plays.  Super Bowl 50 was more than just America\’s greatest National Football teams, Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers playing a game, it was also symbolic of the 50 anniversary of The Black Panthers, America\’s most revered social progressive movement organization.

Being the most visible black militant symbol at the time in the 50\’s brought much police-Black Panther conflicts which in reality was a police-black militancy conflict.  Black militancy is a vicarious symbol, black power as an ideology, and the Black Panthers as an organization have been effectively decimated.  All three will cease to be viable social, political, or para-military forces in America.  Except for the natural death throes of the black militants, eulogies and sympathies from elements of the black community.

Local law enforcement agencies will receive most of the public blame for eradicating the Panthers, but a careful evaluation of the facts indicates that the policemen were simply performing the will of national, local and lay leaders.  Moreover, the policemen\’s acts were condoned and even welcomed by the general black and white communities.

A hybrid coalition, whose constituents had different reasons for seeking the destruction of black militants, gave the tacit signal for an open season on black militancy.  The target date for the eradication of black militants was 1970; the deadline was 1971.

(In Black America, 1970, Books, Inc.)

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