In Black America, Black History Facts

Just in case you haven\’t been on twitter lately you should hurry before the month is over.  They have decided to pay tribute to Black History Month with the \”Black Power\” salute. Technology has sure surpassed racial barriers.  According  to In Black America, Stokely Carmichael had coined the term \”Black Power\” he departed from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in 1968 and joined the Black Panther Party.

The cry \”Black Power\” was first heard in June to  1966 during a march through Mississippi which James Meredith had organized to spur voter registration among Negroes.  \”Black Power\” is an ambiguous term; there are many different interpretations of its meaning.  Whatever it may stand for, the slogan has served as a symbol around which Negroes of various philosophies could unite and show common cause in areas in which they share similar goals.

(In Black America, 1970, Books, Inc.)

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