In Black America, Black History Facts

Although it\’s the year two thousand sixteen sometimes it feels like it\’s nineteen fifty just with social networking capabilities and advancements in technology.  Not that long ago 1964 to be exact the Voting Rights Act was signed almost sealed, but delivered by a vote 0f 289 to 126 after the Senate changes, according to In Black America.

The simple and direct impact of this law detailed that voting booths, classrooms, federally assisted programs, public parks, hotels, and other places serving the public shall be open to all the public on an equal basis explained in the eleven titles of the Voting Rights Act.

Before Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton thought about debating to convince the American people that he or she is best qualified to be commander; Title V- the Civil Rights Commission was established in 1957.  The purpose of the Commission was to investigate and report practices of racial discrimination affecting voting rights and other constitutional rights.  The Title V extends the life of the Commission for another four-year period.  It also gives the Commission new and useful authority to serve as a national clearinghouse for information about denials of the equal protection of the laws, and to investigate allegations of fraud or discrimination in federal elections. However, it had no law enforcement powers.

(In Black America, 1970, Books, Inc.)


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