It\’s a Meeting Between ANC 5E and You Need to be There

\"2016-01-20Who wants to attend a meeting after a longs day work?  Oh sure, there\’ll be so many hot topics on the agenda that will keep you up why not?  Believe it or not there is much comic relief at the Advisory Neighborhood Commission\’s meetings.  The intent of the ANC legislation is to ensure input from an advisory board that is made up of the residents of the neighborhoods that are directly affected by government action.  So now that you have a better understanding of the purpose the ANC serves will you be at the next meeting?

In went down in the Scared Hall at Trinity University as the new ANC Commissioners were nominated.  Please don\’t look forward to an Oscar acceptance speech because the majority of the Commissioners declined to give a speech, moreover respectful declined some of the roles since they would take office at the end of the meeting.  One thing to bear in mind is that these ANC roles are voluntary, so it\’s a possibility that someone in the community can be looked over.  \”This is my first ANC 5E meeting, so far trying to find the word, I understand it\’s voluntary and it would be nice to see people step in,\” says anonymous Ward 5 resident.

The information which is vital to your neighborhood is discussed at the ANC 5E meetings like the budget.  Everyone in the neighborhood wants to know how the money is being spent right?  The Ward 5 ANC 5E budget balance is $56, 350.29  and some of the budget allocations are for grants, meeting video recordings, stamps, and much more. There were roughly 26 people in attendance at Tuesday nights Ward 5 ANC 5E meeting and nine Commissioners.  Commissioner Quinn was nominated Chair and won so she will continue her role as Ward 5 ANC 5E Chair.  The meetings theoretically start and finish on time unless the comedy relief is extended to a recess.  Just be sure to bring a light snack because unless it\’s holiday time refreshments will not be served at the meetings.

If you plan to attend the next Ward 5 ANC 5E meeting be sure to visit for meeting times and agenda.

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