Keep It Simple, Central, and Smart, Access to Procurement

In a marketplace where technology drives the bottomline, operating a business can have it\’s patterns of ups and downs.  But what really drives the business operation crazy is when its a challenge accessing the data.

System Error

Can you recall how many times you\’ve been ready for business and can\’t get into the system because of a password?  It left you feeling perplexed, and wondering if you made any modifications to the account access information.  Or what about the times you\’ve applied for small business loans, or grant opportunities and the information isn\’t easily accessible and all over the place?  That leaves room for a missed opportunity.

Granted Access

If you operate a business in the District now or in the future, you have a greater chances of  doing business here.  The plan is for more accessible in part to the \”Accessible and Transparent Procurement Amendment Act of 2017,\” introduced by Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, Chair of the Committee on Business and Economic Development. This bill would streamline the procurement process, increase transparency, and increase competitiveness in contracting by increasing the number of bids received.  It would also require the District government to place all District government solicitations over $25,000 on a single website that provides machine-readable and searchable information.  Furthermore, Executives must post a list of all contracts in the preceding year that had a closing date less than 30 days from the date of issuance.

\”Additionally, posting the list of solicitations with closing dates of less than 30 days will enhance transparency and ensure that residents can easily learn about the justification for contracts with extremely fast turnaround times,\” stated Councilmember McDuffie.  Under the current procurement method, District government has the potential to waste taxpayer dollars.

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