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Kickin’ it with Kachi is the epitome of community promotion and awareness. It’s easy to be on the band wagon when young entrepreneurs reach success. It’s a different narrative when you walk their journey with them. Join me each week to become part of a new journey.

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Keep your eyes and ears peeled for a brand new segment “Kickin’ it with Kachi”. This brand new LIVE feature officially launched Sunday, November 7th [catch the play back on our previous post]. Kachi interviewed Karyl, signed model, makeup artist, photographer and singer (@kjsmyname). It was a killer interview and an ode to aspiring artists in our growing community. ⁠

Each month Kachi will sit down with a new featured artist, musician, entrepreneur and/or creative inside the inner city, showcasing up and coming talent. ⁠

Be sure to tune in every Sunday at 7:00 pm Eastern to stay in the know about the happenings in your local community!⁠

Did You Miss These Interviews?

Alexandra Banks

Alexandra Banks who is a Writer and Youtuber. Be sure to tune in because I know this one will be worth the watch!⁠

Busayo Obadore

This week we are excited to speak with @trillionairebu Busayo Obadare who is in the Network Marketing industry. Be sure to tune ...

ENJ The Dapper Duo

Contributor Onyekachi Ngameze sits down with music duo ENJ, @itsenj_ . They discuss strengthening their connection to their roots, establishing themselves as ...

Mugzy McFly

Onyekachi Ngameze sits down with Fashion Designer Mugzy McFly, CEO of @signedbymcfly. We discuss his impact on his community, his mission to service...

Atlas Jones

Onyekachi Ngameze sits down with Atlas Jones, personal trainer and CEO of fitness brand @fwrdthebrand. ... misconceptions in fitness, her journey as a trainer and more!

Zaria Lumsden

This week we have the pleasure of highlighting @zaria.ajanae - Selfcare Enthusiast, Studying Esthetician, and CEO of Focus @focusonselfcare. ⁠

Aaron Davenport Abney

Onyekachi Ngameze sits down with Interior Design and Wall Decor Artist Aaron Abney ( @davenportabney )about his design process , the perfect wall color and more!

Karyl Mcfarquar

Onyekachi Ngameze sits down with signed model, make up artist, photographer and singer Karyl (@kjsmyname). 

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