Know Your Worth: Gaining Confidence and Eliminating Fear

“Know your worth” is a saying we hear all too often. It’s common sense in theory but how frequently do we put that into action? As plus size women, it can be hard to see our worth in personal relationships when society is constantly saying we aren’t worthy. I’ve always known my worth in personal relationships, but I often failed at asserting myself in professional ones. Why do we have such difficulty practicing an action that should be second nature? Two reasons: presence of fear and lack of confidence.

      Not being confident in your ability and what you bring to the table often leads to satisficing. After college, I didn’t feel confident in some of my skills. The result was me lingering in jobs I should have moved on from a long time ago. I settled for what came my way. Meanwhile, I have friends that excel in their professional lives but settle personally because they’re afraid of rejection, which could come from having been rejected in the past for whatever reason. It’s time to end the cycle. Everybody deserves fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives. Fear today is only going to lead to regret tomorrow.

   Sometimes forcing others to see your worth is necessary. Otherwise, you will always feel taken advantage of. If you don’t assert yourself, nobody else will do it for you. Maybe you won’t get the response you were expecting, and that’s fine. Knowing where the other person stands gives you more clarity on how to approach the situation. You may have to leave that job or person. Starting over is better than a constant feeling of inadequateness or inferiority. The solution to all problems exists, sometimes on the other side of fear.  



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