Last Call, Resolutions. Quick Check-In.

Have you kept your New Year\’s Resolutions?

Sometimes a moment of reflection is necessary to see where you went wrong and how you can improve. This morning, I saw a meme that read “Learn to rest, not quit” which got me thinking. What about the resolutions made in January? Everyone looks forward to a new year for change. What about the time we have now? What about the time we have already wasted anticipating that future start? We often say “next month/week/year” but what about today? How do we handle failure or discouragement of resolutions?

With summer almost over and the year coming to a close, I have decided to revisit my resolutions. I created four goals for myself this year. I succeeded in two of my goals (this blog is a byproduct of one). Unfortunately, I also slacked off on two. It isn’t the first time I’ve neglected resolutions in lieu of something else. However, this is the first time I have acknowledged my failure, actively sought out the reason for it, and tried to find a solution. Just doing those little things gave me a lot of clarity. I learned I need to plan better and procrastinate less. 

I encourage you to pick your resolutions up from wherever you left them. Even if that means going back to 2010. Learn from the mistakes you made. Ask yourself why you failed. Maybe you can modify a goal to make it more attainable. Maybe it wasn\’t important to you in the first place. Which is okay. Don’t be afraid to start again. Furthermore, don\’t fear starting over if necessary. Just start! Where would Beyoncé be if she’d quit after losing Star Search? It only takes 21 days to create a habit. Just imagine what you can accomplish these next few months!



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