Learn by listening – The Deep State

If you haven\’t talked with a Trump supporter – you should. In fact, you have to. When you see the excited crowds in the background of his rallies don\’t be fooled. They are neither dupes nor blind fools following a puppet master. They are in fact people who truly believe President Donald J. Trump is the only person who can penetrate and destroy the \”deep state.\” If you aren\’t familiar with what the deep state is please, take a moment to understand this phenomenon.

The concept of the \”deep state\” isn\’t new. There\’s always been the undercurrent that there are a handful of people running the government, pulling the strings in the background. What makes the Trump phenomenon special is that his supporters see him as the personification of their hopes and dreams that someday, someone will reveal these puppet masters to the world.

This person went on to tell me about how Trump\’s Tweets are actually coded messages that some have learned to decipher. Once deciphered, they are no longer ramblings but actual instructions and unveiling of the \”deep state.\” There are supposedly websites devoted to provide even deeper knowledge of this state. Although my journalistic nature found this intriguing, I wasn\’t curious enough to ask for URLs and that bothered me.

Is it possible that in the deep recesses of my mind there was a seed of possibility being planted? Is it like the bump in the night that everyone dismisses as your imagination? Or that fleeting glimpse you catch out the corner of your eye that disappears like the will-o\’-the-wisp? There was even a bit of trepidation writing this post. At the end of the day, it dawned on me that we categorize people, put them in a box, make assumptions about their character and intent, simply by what they believe in without ever really engaging them.

What they vilify as \”the deep state\” could easily be the longstanding bureaucracy and governmental infrastructure that keeps this whole thing together. Like any bureaucracy, it lives to sustain its existence. That doesn\’t make it good or bad until it oversteps its boundaries. I don\’t know whether it is or isn\’t, but I do know Trump has tapped into in and is using it to serve his ends. That being said I go back to my opening statement. If you haven\’t talked with a Trump supporter – you should. In fact, you have to. They come in all colors, ethnicity, gender, and economic classes.


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