Lease agreement at 2215/2219 Adams Place NE Being Withdrawn

In response to the community’s advocacy the mayor is withdrawing the proposed contract for the lease agreement at 2215/2219 Adams Place NE.
The community alerted Councilmember McDuffie to their issues with this contract and he discussed it with the Mayor and filed a Disapproval Resolution.  Yesterday, the Councilmember met with Deputy City Administrator Donahue and informed him of his efforts to have this contract pulled.  We are pleased to see that the Mayor filed the notice of withdrawal this morning.
As a result, no disapproval resolution was voted on at the Council today, and the disapproval resolution (attached and available here in PDF) specifically states the withdrawal is “in order to provide notice to the community and an opportunity for comment.”
Thanks to everyone who called and emailed the Mayor’s office and the various council offices.  We will continue to work with you to ensure this does not happen again.

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