Let\’s Get Ready To Rumble at MGM National Harbor

Respectfully, Ruben Guerrero\’s rooster didn\’t wake up the 2,345 in attendance at the MGM National Harbor for Saturday\’s boxing match.  Oscar Escandon was defeated in the 7th round just after 59 seconds.

The Russells are Ready

Russell had his contender pinned against the ropes of the ring and landing his punches.  Shortly after, referee Harvey Dock calling the bout with Gary Russell Jr claiming the victory. \”I was getting my rhythm going, and I felt like Gary was getting tired.  I didn\’t see him coming with the big punch he threw at the end and that was it.  I went down and was hoping to get a 10 count but the referee didn\’t give it to me, and he stopped the fight.\”  From the top looking down into the ring, it appeared as though Escando could\’ve been given a count, but could\’ve still been knocked down regardless by Russell.  The judge\’s final card score (52-60).  Overall, this was a tremendous boxing match and much excitement.  What a grand closing to the grand opening of the Russell brother\’s boxing debut, and to top it off- it was their dad\’s birthday, Gary Russell Sr.

What a way to celebrate? All of the Russell brothers went home with a victory.  Gary Antonio defeated his contender Jovany Fuentes just 22 seconds into round 3, knocking Fuentes out.  \”We capitalized on everything we worked on in the gym.  We knew he favored his right hook so I would walk to it to try to get him to throw it and he wasn\’t really doing it.  I just knew I needed to touch and fire and that is exactly what I did,\” stated Antonio Russell.  Gary Antuanne Russell weighing in at 137.6 pounds made his Pro debut as a Super Lightweight going four round bouts with Joshua Ross from Monroe, Louisiana.

Live from London

Shortly before Gary Russell Jr took to the ring at MGM National Harbor, the audience enjoyed the live telecast featuring Gervonta Davis and Liam Walsh.  It was most definitely rough in the London town at the Copper Box Arena.  Gervonta entered the ring looking like Michael Jackson\’s man in the mirror ready to make a change, but the booing from the crowd took over.  Later, during an interview, Floyd Mayweather was insulted by being called Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Despite the boo\’s and insults, Gervonta Davis keeps his title as IBF Jr. Lightweight.

Back to the States

Now, let\’s rewind the SHOWTIME special feature to Super Middleweight contenders weighing in at 168 pounds, Andre Dirrell versus Jose\’ Uzcategui.  Never in my life had I seen a boxing match of this magnitude and quite dynamic.  Dirrell was being defeated against Uzcategui, his punches lacked precision and power from the top looking into the ring.  Uzcategui punched Andre knocking him out after the bell in round 8, which deemed Dirrell eligible for the title by disqualification.  \”I felt very good.  I was hurting him the entire fight.  I felt like I could hurt him anytime I wanted.  Nothing he hit me with hurt me,\” says Uzcategui.  That knockout after the end of the round didn\’t rest well with Dirrell\’s team, and all hell broke loose, literally and figuratively.  In what was classified as a criminal act, Dirrell\’s team member took about three power blows to the jaw of Uzcategui, and once located in the ring, the cops escorted him out.  \”I\’m sorry for what my coach has done.  My coach is my family, my uncle, and he was worried.  He cares for me.  He loves me.  Please forgive him,\” says Dirrell.

Perhaps one must go through hell to arrive at the gates of heaven and thank heavens Gary Russell Jr brought home the victory, WBC Featherweight World Champion.




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