LGBTQ Children Actually Do Exist, Folks

Although I’m not a parent, I can’t imagine a situation where I would not support my child. There is almost nothing that could revoke my support. Recently, washed-up TV personality Mario Lopez said it was “dangerous” to support a child that comes out as transgender. The main argument being that kids should be kids. Even going as far as insinuating that the parent was forcing that decision onto the child. There is a huge issue with idiots like Mario spewing this rhetoric. I’ve never understood parents that refused to accept their LGBTQ children. Also, for the record, the “I don’t agree with the lifestyle” trope will always be a garbage excuse. At what point do we stop letting an uneducated patriarchy create the narrative for all people?  

“Letting kids be kids” is such an oversimplification of the LGBTQ experience. Every single person I’ve met who is part of that community has acknowledged that they knew who they really were at a young age. To take this a step further, my first recollection of hearing the word “gay” was in fourth grade, amongst my classmates. Even further, my first encounter with someone who later came out as transgender was in sixth grade. Contrary to popular opinion, children aren’t stupid. They understand relationships, gender, and even sexuality at a basic level. Young people deserve to have a safe place to learn who they are. It is also the duty of a parent to educate and help them navigate through life. Otherwise, they learn incorrect information from peers, or worse, predators. 

It does more damage to keep kids away from basic scenarios. For example, a son asking for a doll does not mean he is gay. Even if it does, so what? There are so many real problems in this country. It seems redundant to make something so minuscule the focus of rage. Also, women discuss constantly that their husbands can’t cook, clean, or do any household chores on their own. Largely because they were told it wasn’t masculine to do those things from a young age. Which continues the lifestyle of ladies raising useless man-children along with their actual children. We should all take the chance to break that cycle. Women don’t want to come home to the full-time responsibility of housekeeping. Especially after working an actual full-time job. 

Seriously, how many times do we have to do this? I’m all in favor of revoking media speaking rights from straight men*. Obviously they cannot be trusted to say anything constructive about any experience that differs from their own. The concept that anyone would think it’s more dangerous to support a gay or transgendered child than not is pitiful. Without support, LGBTQ children are susceptible to homelessness, abuse, depression, even suicide. To be frank, if you’re ok with any of these things happening, you don’t love your child. Amongst the condemnation of gay people at the Thanksgiving dinner table, my aunt once said that she didn’t care if her child came home and told her they “want to be a moose” she would support them regardless. Anyone that doesn’t share the same viewpoint should reconsider being a parent. 

*Actually, shoutout to men like Don Cheadle and Dwayne Wade for creating safe spaces for Black LGBTQ boys.



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