The Lost Man

Not sure which book of the Holy Bible we\’re living in? It most certainly isn\’t the beginning.  Maybe it\’s from the Old Testament of the King James version. Moreover, the Revelation is that many Americans are torn between politics, justice, and just trying to survive.  Not to mention, make it to church on time.  Let the choir rejoice!  Not sure if we should ask what would Jesus do? Especially with the election of President Donald Trump, and the recent ballot recount request by Green Party candidate Jill Stein for Wisconsin.  Furthermore, we shouldn\’t be surprised if someone walks across the reflection pool to fix this sin or blessing.

Silent Protest

Awakened from his sleep, Sharif Shafi was compelled to do a silent protest of the current circumstances in which he feels are still prevalent in America, slavery.  After being heard by the United Nations, Shafi suggests that blacks in America get involved in government for effective change, and consider demanding reparations.  Similar to photojournalist Gordon Parks, author of The Learning Tree,  where the hero is a black boy in his teens who learns about racial hatred when a redneck sheriff murders a black man. Mr. Shafi feels he is the voice for the voiceless.

The garments which Sharif Shafi wore represented those of a slave brought to America in the 1600\’s.  \”Can you imagine having metal around your neck in this cold?\” stated Mr. Shafi.  Philip Langner the producer of \”Slaves\” explained that he discovered no one had ever made a film that dealt honestly and extensively with slavery in the US.  Perhaps, one day soon God will hear the prayers of the people and lead his people out of bondage. But the beauty is the people still have faith! I\’m not sure if it\’s a mustard seed or GMO seed, but time will tell.

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