Ma’at Sunz: A Local Health and Wellness Company

Healthy living and healthy eating have always been trending topics in society. Despite this, eating what “tastes good” and doing what “feels good” have still been hard habits for many to break. According to a 2020 Center for American Progress, report, 13.8 percent of African Americans reported having fair or poor health compared with 8.3 percent of non-Hispanic whites. Also, 8 percent of African American women are overweight or obese compared to 64.8 percent of non-Hispanic white women. With a plethora of underlying issues to blame for the high percentage of unhealthy living in the Black community, it’s hard to not focus on an overall solution. It’s also hard to find affordable alternative food options. The food deserts that many low-income Black communities are faced with serve as yet another discouraging factor. Luckily, companies like Ma’at Sunz, work to encourage the community not to lose hope. 

Uplifting the Community One Tea at a Time

Ma’at Sunz is a local health and wellness company that shares its tea with the community to inspire, uplift, and inform. The company’s owner, Gregg Mosso El, explains that Ma’at Sunz is intent on providing the community with herbal and alkaline teas that were inspired by Dr. Sebi, and our ancient ancestors. Through his tasty, spiritual, and internally enriching teas, Mosso El points out the importance of “knowing thy history” and being connected to it. 

While completing his bachelor’s degree, Gregg Mosso El attended a rare lecture and became inspired to share his new-found knowledge about alkaline electric herbs after meeting world-renowned healer, Dr. Sebi. Mosso El’s experience brought on a deep motivation to help his community ultimately evolve from the standard American diet and its detrimental impact. In response, he pushes forth the reminder that rather than immediately reaching for chemically made products, one can reach for natural, traditional, and holistic alternatives. 

The Specialties of Special Teas

A couple of the company’s specialties are the Mullein leaf tea and Sarsaparilla root tea. Both are deeply rooted in and originally from indigenous, Mexican, and Central and South American communities. The company shares that the sarsaparilla leaf was used by indigenous communities throughout the world for treating joint problems, arthritis, and skin problems. Also, the Gordolobo, or great mullein leaf has been used for centuries, throughout Mexico, Central and South America, mainly to remove mucus, ease coughing, and treat bronchial asthma. 

Further, Ma’at Sunz makes it a priority to provide the community with access to resources that can educate them about important historically overlooked topics. He also shares ways to begin to integrate healthy living into their lives. The company offers some notable educational, spiritual, and historical electronic books for sale on their website. Titles include Esoteric Science of The Moorish FEZ, Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America, and Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe. 

As Mosso El propels his company further, he hopes to continue to expand globally, allowing access to key herbs and education. He endeavors to make all aware of the healing benefits of the plants of our planet!

Ma’at Sunz teas can be found online at and at The Omni Collection, located at 417 H Street NE. They can also be found at various events throughout Washington, D.C. To keep up with the company and to find out where they will be next, follow them on Instagram @maatsunz.

Article photo by Lisa Hobbs on Unsplash.

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