Main Source Celebrates 25 Years of Hip Hop in the District

It\’s 2018, and the celebration continues on January 4 at Songbyrd with Main Source celebrating their 25th anniversary!  The show will feature an artist showcase with some of DC\’s most popular talent, and celebrate the crew\’s classic and new projects.
Fans can look forward to a legendary night of celebrating with Main Source crew member Large Professor, Neek the Exotic, and Joe Fatal.  Doors open at 7:00 pm with artist J Scienide kicking off the celebration or better yet, carrying the torch as he says.  Before traditional MC J Scienide hits the stage at Songbird on Jan 4, The DC Voice had a chance to chat with him:
The DC Voice: What can your fans and new supporters look forward to Jan 4?
J Scienide: Look forward to lyrics, and classic songs, reals MC\’s, and the people will see showmanship.  I\’m very amped about the show. People will be surprised, I get to carry the torch with a traditional style of music.
The DC Voice: Have you performed at Songbyrd before?
J Scienide: This will be my first time performing, but I\’ve bought records.
The DC Voice: What type of music has influenced your style?
J Scienide:  Music that really sparks, Joe Jackson, Nas, Black Thought
The DC Voice: In an age of cereal box music, are lyrics important?
J Scienide: Yes, music has been dumb down, no lyrics, it\’s all about party and beat.  No one is using syllables.
Our chat was short, but you can hear his lyrical sounds and delivery along with Main Source celebrating their 25th anniversary Friday night at Songbird.  Tickets  for the Main Source celebration and the artist showcase are $20 general admission with limited $35 VIP tickets.

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