Mark G. Meadows and The Arboretum – a perfect match

Close your eyes and you could have been in any number of jazz venues in the DMV. Open your eys and you were in the middle of one of the most serene places in DC listening to some of the finest jazz anywhere….and it was all free! Meadows, an accomplished \”jazz composer, pianist, music director, vocalist, jazz instructor, and actor\”, entertained a crowd Thursday night that was trilled that it waited out the earlier downpour to hear these melodic, moving tones wafting through the glorious backdrop of the National Capitol Columns.


Meadows\’ performance lived up to his mission to \”create a unifying sound that breaks through social barriers\” The two selections featured here, Reelin\’ in the Years, by Steely Dan and Micheal Jackson\’s Rock with You, are a perfect example of bringing two different genres together through music.  Take a listen!

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