Moment Number 07

This moment was most memorable because I graduated from an urban land grant institution The University of the District of Columbia, along with trying to figure out what to do with an inherited property, but one day I would love to grow produce, no GMO.  Enough of that, let\’s get to the moment.

Perhaps the Obama Administration passed up the USDA, with a certified seal of approval for accountability and transparency among government agencies.  From alleged harassment, to discrimination, to lack of representation, and civil rights violations, the black farmer has endured more than managing crops.

Just like we need oxygen, and water, we need the black farmer, however in the case of many Black Farmers in America, they have been neglected with benefits, proper machinery, water, and settlements promised by the US Department of Agriculture.  In 1998, USDA Grant Resolution Agreement settled the case of Matthew Grant for nearly $1 million dollars, and refused to pay the agreement that they wrote and signed.  Mr. Grant acquired $175,000 in legal service bills never paid by the USDA.

The land of the black farmer is at stake and not many civil rights organizations are assisting the farmers with keeping their land.  With roughly about 1 million acres of land left, and nowhere to be found, America\’s favorite past time preacher Rev. Al Sharpton.  However, the Black Farmers remain very optimistic with regard to getting the USDA settlement agreement assistance, however the Obama Administration had more important measures to implement than the fair treatment of the black farmer with equal access to benefits as white farmers.

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