Moment Number 06

This moment was one of those literally, and figuratively too good to be true, so you must go out on location to experience if it\’s so real, and that\’s just what happened.  Mindy Jo went to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Many American\’s were hoping that an episode of the Simpson\’s wouldn\’t occur in real time, just in animation, but the reality is that Donald J. Trump was the Republican nominee to be the next potential President of the United States of America.  The closest that I had been to Cleveland was watching the Cleveland Show, so no turning back for this historic moment in American history, or not so historic, rather dynamic moment.

Although Cleveland belongs to Lebron James he had to sit on the bench for Donald Trump to take center stage at the RNC.  Much excitement happened inside the convention, more entertainment was outside the convention, and no one said \”you\’re fired.\”  Moreover, look how much progress we have made since that Simpson\’s episode aired, not to mention the recent election which Russia encroach upon, but current President Obama says he will fixed them.  Meanwhile President elect Trump is on a mission to \”Make America Great.\”

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