Moment Number 04

This moment was so delicious, hearty, and healthy, so that\’s why it\’s most memorable moment number four.

Not being a Vegan, and attending a Veg Fest can be a very vigorous experience, and that it was! So many vendors attended the Veg Fest, along with all the tasty dishes.  There were many cooking demonstrations for the beginners and experienced cookers to add more dishes to their menu.  I recall having this steak, and as I am chewing it, just thinking that the texture was just like actually Angus Beef steak.

Surprisingly, the Veg Fest wasn\’t expensive, $20 could get you many hearty and delicious eats.  This experience really made me more considerate of the food that I consume and if I should start a garden or not.  But before I get my gloves and dirt, I will just go to the Farmers Market.


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