Moment Number 03

I\’d been waiting for this moment for three years, and this is a special moment too me so it comes in at number three, #TulumtaughtMe.

While reading a magazine, an article about this town called Tulum, Mexico captivated me not because of it\’s destination, but because of my love for honey, and I wanted to learn about the Mayan Bees which are in danger.  After waiting three years, I just knew I would be ready for this trip, and sure I was leaving the most important thing behind, my Spanish dictionary.  My Spanish is very rusty, so I called a friend to help with translating and asking questions, it was a success.

The people of Tulum were very nice, and the food was delicious.  I bought about four bottles of honey, and I still have a small corner left for one more cup of Jasmine tea.  Tulum is also the place of the resurgence, and the wind god sure made it\’s presence known while visiting the Mayan Ruins.

#TulumtaughtMe a love of self, culture and understanding.

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