Moment Number 02

This moment is too good to be true, so it\’s fitting to be the most memorable moment number two.

Name another President that has occupied the White House, and less than five blocks away, owns an international hotel, or commercial property for ethics purposes?  It\’s rather a brain fart.  Trump Hotel has the perfect prime real estate in the metropolitan city, however before he could take over the Old Post Office, much renovations had to take place, \”ahead of time, and under budget\” as President elect Trump would say, maybe the taxpayers get to benefit from this deal.

Before the Grand Opening of the Trump Hotel, black lives matter had been plastered on the building, being shielded by a wooden planks not to detour the lavish hotel visitors.  Once inside of the hotel, I made it a point to look for some gold trim among the ambiance. Believe it or not, the staircase railing was gold, how lucky was I too touch it before entering.  The decorations and design were concepts of Ivanka Trump, \”this was her baby\” as her dad would say.

After talking to a few Trump supporter\’s, they felt President elect Trump would be able to manage the White House, along with the Trump Hotel, and time will surely tell, because he\’s still executive producer of the Apprentice, but certain he won\’t be firing anyone this season.

Let\’s get ready to \”Make America Great.\”

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