Mentors Making a Difference in the Metro City

Growing up in the nation\’s capitol had it moments, and challenges, but DC is the city where only the strong survive; and those skills were often applied on a daily basis.  Although many opportunities and resources were available, some children still wanted to find trouble. Others wanted alternative after-school outlets other than getting caught up in trouble.  Luckily, for Deon he had track as his alternative after school, which lead him to the boxing arena.

If you were not aware, the boxing scene in the District has always been buzzing, and busy before Adrien Broner arrived on April 1.  I remember my brother being an extra for a Mike Tyson and Don King commercial back in the 90\’s.  Moreover, DC no longer has that 90\’s flavor, but the 90\’s was when \”Tiny\” had his last fight in Atlantic city.

Mr. Mcintyre is a former undefeated amateur and professional champion coming out of Fenley\’s boxing gym located in the north-east quadrant of the city. He wanted inner city youth to have the same opportunity which was presented to him, so he started training youth outside without a gym just to get them away from crime and challenges of living in the inner city.  True champions aim to achieve goals, and Deon says \”my goal is to find a boxing home for me to continue to train them to become champions and not victims of the streets.\”  Meanwhile, Mr. Mcintyre is doing the best he can with the limited resources that he has, however he plans to continue providing a positive outlet for inner city youth with hopes for some future government support.

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