Mid-term Elections

Many of you may know about the mid-term elections that just previously passed a couple of days ago. I must say that I am sad, but not unexpectedly ashamed at the results and turn out of the election. The results are as follows (Republicans 51%, Democrat 44%, and Other 2%). Now, I must say that this isn’t a shocker considering the fact that the man in power, sitting in the oval office, is a Republican if that is what you want to call him. But I will say, it is getting increasingly appalling how people in this society, in the U.S population continue to support this man and his beliefs.

Also, how the people of this nation proceed to keep putting this man in a better position to act out on these blasphemous philosophies. The thing that really got to me that differs from other recent elections such as Trump getting voted as our president, is that people I know such as my friends, actually participated in this election. Usually that doesn’t happen, but maybe it is because we are in college and we are aware about what is going on in our government. Not saying that those who aren’t receiving a college education are unaware, but they need to actually act out on what they believe, and think is right instead of sitting back and watching the system that we love referring to as it get worse.

How are we supposed to want change but aren’t willing to do anything about it? Eventually, people will get the message that words won’t do enough you have to act. As far as the people who voted in this election, how can you support this nonsense? I don’t want to knock people for their opinions, but come on, you must catch a grip. Do you even tune in to this man and his press conferences/interviews? Anything that is said that’s reported negatively about him he claims it as being fake news. How can you say an entire news network (referring to CNN) is reporting fake news? Obviously one of the many outlandish stories have got to be true.

I apologize for the overzealous rant about Trump, but this election was the chance to veto some of the crazy ideas he has to run through the house before they are implemented in society. It just really sucks to see another opportunity washed down the drain. They probably would’ve impeached the man, but whatever I guess we’ll learn sooner or later.

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