Mindy\’s Monday Movie Review

Let\’s Get Right To It!

Many movies are at the theaters and chances are, most people\’s movie preference seems to be #GETOUT, considering box office sales of over $100 million.  Don\’t forget the movie cost under $6 million to make, now that is what you call #nofraud.  Furthermore, Jordan Peele\’s #GETOUT is a horror movie, with a Black male hero.

My friend took me to the Regal Cinema at Gallery Place in Chinatown DC.  Luckily, he had already purchased the tickets.  We walked up to the ticket attendant; he places his cellphone under the atom, and it read the ticket bar code.  \”Theater 13 to the left,\” was our destination, but before going to see #GETOUT, I had to get some nachos and cheese with jalapeno peppers and a large blue raspberry icee, in fact it was so large it had to be carried in a bag.

By the time we arrived at our seats in the very front row of the theater, literally, the opening movie credits were still rolling, and we were on time for #GETOUT.  The character Chris Washington has many challenges to overcome.  Starting with the startling death of his mother at a very young age.  In the movie it is as though Chris had been searching for a lady to fill the void of his mother, and who better but a delicate Rose, respectful not mama Rosebud to tend to his needs and desires.  As a photographer, Chris understands focus and the use of flash to capture a picture perfect subject or image.  Even though his last image was that of a wolf in the woods, jumping into the sky, he noticed it, but he really didn\’t pay it much attention because his focus was on Rose, and going to meet her family which already knew he was a Black man.

Along the way to meet Rose\’s parents, a deer hits them.  That was significant in the sense; it\’s like one is running around like a deer with no sense of direction only for acceptance.  Sometimes in life we are looking through two different lens, what we want our life to be, and what our reality is, and often times we can get hypnotized by people such as Rose only to end up in a place which we thought would be our security and comfort zone.  Not only that, but everything could be taking away also, like your brain, if you are no paying attention and focused on the right things.  Your brain can be taken and given to someone else to use against you.

Well that is my review, be sure to go see the movie, and if you have, comment. I\’d like to know what you think of the movie!

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