MOBLZE Is On A Mission

Not long after President Trump\’s Presidential Address to \”Make America Great Again,\” the MOBLZE foundation held a launch event in DC. The event was designed to do just that. By addressing problems with American cities in need of repair, emphasizing opportunities of entrepreneurship, and mentorship in the inner cities.

All on board

Who better to assist in this mission than Floyd Mayweather \”The Money Team,\” himself.  As a world boxing champion, Mayweather\’s success has afforded him the opportunity to see life\’s bigger picture.  Furthermore, before retiring from boxing, his favorite phrases was \”hard work and dedication.\” These words played a pivotal role in all his accomplishments.  Floyd is now ready to work hard on behalf of inner city youth entrepreneurs by helping them reach their fullest potential.

Yes!, he is a world champion. But even champions need support along their mission, and MOBLZE co-founder, and cowboy Darren Blanton plans to put a procedure in place and act on it. Making sure inner city youth are given the opportunity to thrive in America.

MOBLZE Call to Action

The MOBLZE foundation launch was a star-studded affair. Along with many guests from various non-profit organizations across the US – that work with youth in many capacities.  Recently elected Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson was in attendance. He\’s ready to commit to the cause, and act on its mission, along with hip-hop artist Fabulous, Fat Joe, and French Montana.

MOBLZE is moving in the right direction. It\’s reaching the heart of America\’s inner city youth, who are often overlooked, giving them an opportunity to make a difference in their community, and \”Make America Great Again.\”

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