Moms Who Hustle Make Dreams Come True for District Residents

Moms in the District will have an opportunity to make their dreams come true gaining financial and entrepreneurship skills through the recently launched Walker\’s Legacy Foundation\’s Moms Who Hustle 6-week program.  Walker\’s Legacy Foundation provides programming focused on improving financial literacy and financial empowerment skills for low-income, high potential multicultural women and girls.
Walker\’s Legacy Foundation has a 60% graduation goal, and 68% of the moms complete the program with a business plan in hand.  Walker\’s Legacy \"\"Foundation equips women-led micro-enterprises through entrepreneurship training and business plan development.  Councilmember McDuffie was in attendance to express his gratitude for the program, while being able to assist in providing a great opportunity not to just Ward 5 residents, but the entire District.
Moms Who Hustle will be held at Trinity Washington University, which is a great fit for the program along with reaching District residents.  Many of the students attending the university reside in Ward 5.  Trinity was started over 120 years ago by the nuns, and the Nuns are still their Spiritual Mothers according to President McGuire.
All DC residents are encouraged to apply for the Moms Who Hustle 6-week program.  The program does have income requirements, however the applications will be available on February 15, 2019, and only 25 applicants will be selected.

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