My Experience with the DC Voice

My experience publishing for the DC Voice was great. I got to learn new things, how to use certain tools, and got to express the way I felt on certain topics. It really was fun to do that because the way that I feel on a certain subject or matter might effect how someone else feels about it, or make them ask questions on it and shed some light on them. It was just an overall wonderful learning experience getting to publish an actual post that somebody besides my teacher or parents would read. The best part was I actually got to type about things that I was actually interested in. That\’s probably why it came so easy to me because I actually cared about what was going on in the stories.

Some of them could affect my life, like the Donald Trump story I posted, that affect me in a major way. The comments that he makes sometimes could definitely make me have second thoughts about having him as my president. Also, the Sandra Bland story I was very intrigued about doing because being African-American, I would definitely want to know how we are being treated by the authorities. But overall, I had a great experience typing for the DC Voice website.

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