New York Fashion Week Is Dead

New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2018 concluded September 12th. To be frank, it was extremely underwhelming. With the exception of the same brands I mentioned last season (Chromat, and Christian Siriano) and Savage Fenty, this season was the same garbage. Little diversity and subpar designs. It’s even more disappointing when you take into consideration that Spring/Summer 2018 was the most diverse NYFW in its history! At this point it’s really just a slap in the face to anyone that isn’t a size 0 White woman. What happened?
The fashion industry as a whole has made exclusion a priority for generations. That is a crucial part of the community. Even with the strides made in film and TV, the fashion industry has held on tight to its original motive. That motive is to cater to a certain demographic while only using people of color and plus size bodies when it is convenient. Vogue just had its first Black photographer shoot the cover in its 120 year history! Unfortunately, that was only because Beyoncé demanded creative control for the cover.   
The only option now is for us to continue to create spaces that welcome everyone. Why waste time covering a function that doesn’t want us there in the first place? Honestly, even a lot of designers are beginning to skip New York Fashion Week. Going forward, I’m focusing my attention on CurvyCon and other diverse fashion scenes that are popping up as of late. The affluent and snobby can keep NYFW. I’d rather be in the trenches with my people doing what we do best, which is consistently setting trends for the culture.

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