Next Generation Leaders So So Summer Tour Stops in DC to Deliver Core Values

The Next Generation Leaders SoSoSummer Tour stopped in DC on June 17th.  The perfect time to discuss what it means to be a leader, what are values, and much more.  How fitting for the city, especially amongst the carnival on Capitol Hill.


Next Generation Leaders

Doors opened at 10:00 on Saturday morning for the teen and youth town hall discussion at Brookland Middle School in Ward 5.  The participants had an opportunity jump start their day learning the 12 core principals of leadership from the Next Generation Leaders featured on Lifetime Show \”The Rap Game\” produced by Grammy-winning producer, song writer, Jermaine Dupri.


Arriving on time, and with much anticipation, I just knew Councilmember McDuffie had his 16 bars ready to present.  He did something much greater than delivering 16, by presenting both Jermaine Dupri and William Kellibrew, Ward 5 advocate for peace with ceremonial resolutions on behalf of the council.  The resolutions honored the men for their commitment to service, leadership, and excellence in community outreach.


Moving to the sounds of the music, the youth didn\’t miss a beat showcasing their dance skills.  Furthermore, they had an opportunity to win concert tickets, t-shirts, and a $300 shopping spree courtesy of DTLR.  \”We are looking for leaders in the audience, everyone has an opportunity to be a leader today,\” Mr. Kellibrew told the teens and youth at Brookland Middle school.  I brought my niece along for the experience since she just completed her six grade course curriculum.  This was a great opportunity to encourage her along with all in attendance to continue learning, \”just remember learning is 24/7, it\’s forever\” says Miss Mulatto, artist and winner of  \”The Rap Game.\”

Next Generation Leaders is designed to impact our nation\’s youth in a socially conscious way.  By effecting positive change in the community while inspiring our youth to be positive leaders of tomorrow the nation as a whole will continue to thrive, and hopefully with their influence the world will be a better place.

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