No Diet Required: Prioritizing Health Over Weight Loss

End the diet cycle. Focus on health instead.

I woke up this morning depressed with the thought of going to work. Looking through my closet for something that would make me look like I put some effort into myself, I noticed a beautiful red and black floral printed top with an exposed zipper down the front with tags still attached. I decided to try it on after purchasing it last June and never wearing it because it was too tight. “If it doesn’t fit I will donate it,” I said to myself. I pulled it over my head, put my arms through and…..IT FITS! How is that possible when I refused to go on a diet? I also stopped prioritizing weight loss a year ago. What changed?

Why I don\’t diet.

I started a journey towards better health after a series of stomach problems. For me, that meant drinking more water, eating less fast food, and completely removing eggs, beef, chicken, pork, and dairy from my household. I also decided not to use a scale anymore because I became too obsessed with the number. No longer calling myself a vegan, I choose the term “plant based” because my priority is making sure vegetables are the foundation of every meal. I am not on a diet because I have changed my lifestyle in a maintainable way. Diets are usually unsustainable. I failed at Weight Watchers because it didn’t teach me how to eat healthy. It taught me how to eat junk in a way that manipulated the scale in my favor.

You do not need to diet

Don’t get it twisted though, I’m still a fat girl. When I go to the doctor, she still tells me I’m overweight. On the other hand when she does my blood tests I am completely healthy. Potato chips are still my weakness. I will eat a whole family size bag of UTZ Sour Cream and Onion (the best sour cream and onion chips on the market) for dinner sometimes. Some weekends, I drink like a fish. Find what works for you. If you love eggs, veganism won’t be the right option for you. If you hate gym equipment, don’t set a goal to go to the gym daily. Find another activity you enjoy. Be realistic, don’t be too hard on yourself but don’t make excuses. Once you make health the priority, you will see and feel the difference. No dieting required.



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