We Are Not Under Attack, It\’s Just A Drill

It\’s a bird!  No, it\’s a plane!  No, really, it\’s just a drill.  Do not be alarmed, law enforcement officials and other first responder\’s participated in a full-scale exercise this morning in Maryland, designed to prepare for the possibility of a complex coordinated terror attack in the National Capital Region.

Don\’t Panic

Not sure if this will induce or subdue the current phobia\’s already penetrating our society when it accounts to tradition, customs and religion.  Much information has been circulating the internet about Gotham Shield, moreover it was definitely a shield of information pertaining to the exercise locations maybe because it was in a controlled environment.  According to Chief Johnson the intent for today\’s exercise is to \”test response to an emergency situation involving multiply locations, something you see happening across the world at this time.\”  The last time taking a glimpse at the television set North Korea was using intimidating and taunting tactics towards the US.

This full-scale exercise focused on preparing for complex terror attacks to include National Capital Region was planned by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG).  Taking into account that these exercises are something you see happening across the world at this time,  it\’s always better to be prepared, than not knowing how to respond to a complex emergency.  No need to stress, after today\’s preparation it will be all over, and first responders will be ready to execute in the event something takes place.

Considering they do conduct exercises such as this every year, not sure the duration of the exercise drills in the past, but for today, residents in the northeast and southeast quadrants of the nation\’s capitol can possibly have emergency visitors.  How well did the preparation go?  Were there any injuries?  How responsive were the emergency responders on the scene of the drill in NE and SE DC?  So many questions remain unanswered, but no major concern, or stress since this was just a drill \”preparing for complex terror attacks.\”

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