Online Merchants are Mastering the Marketplace

It was a vibrant Sunday afternoon in the District for the Electric Tour Pop Up Shop at Maketto on H Street.

Customer Connection

The Electric Tour Pop Up Shop featured top e-commerce businesses such as GrayScale, Unicornuniverseusa, and local business GLOSS.  Online merchants have managed to connect beyond the computer orders placed by their customers.  The benefits of having an online business are booming these days. Infusing the pop-up trend provides an innovative shopping experience for both the customer and merchant.  The pop-up trend gives the merchant an opportunity to interact with their customers. And the customer has the opportunity to meet the face behind the computer screen.

Online Merchants Market Data

From the market data, despite the projections- many millennials have ditched standing in the long lines at the mall and opt for a more intimate, face-to-face point of sale, which has much more added value.  It looks like these merchants are managing to stay in the marketplace.  With reasonable price points, you don\’t have to stress about going over your budget at the pop-up shops.  Here is a tip: it\’s best to attend the pop up events because better deals are present.  Customers could get  2 pair of trendy frames for $20 bucks, which is less when clearing out your cart online.

So, I think it\’s safe to say that pop up shopping is here to stay!

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