Otto for Butler?

I know in previous posts I have expressed my excitement and enthusiasm about our off-season moves and all of the newest additions to the Washington Wizards line up. However, that doesn’t mean I am satisfied, as if there aren’t still other moves that could be made. The consensus all of the possible moves left all revolve around Otto Porter and how we can maneuver him to get what we wants. Now I know that most of us D.C. fans have grown to like Otto. We have gotten attached to his yearly progression in the league.

Still, there remains the fact that he signed that 4 year $106,524,975 contract! I am proud of him for doing so because he definitely has improved over the years. But I don’t think he is worthy of all that money; averaging 14.7 points per game, 50.7% from the field, and 6.4 rebounds per game. These are some solid stats, but not for a guy who is completely missing in the post season. Then to not even play in the elimination game against Toronto at home when his team needed him the most, showed me a lot about his character.

Now as far as what is still left on the table in free agency, I see a very appealing option in Jimmy Butler. He just declined the Minnesota Timberwolves contract extension in the $110 million dollar range for 4 years. Now that number isn’t too far away from the contract that Otto signed. If the Wizards are actually bold enough to pull the trigger on this move they are a shoe-in for the Eastern Conference Finals. Last season Butler averaged 22.2 points per game, 47.4% from the field, and 5.3 rebounds per game.

If Washington could pull this off and grab this addition, it would mean they finally have a consistent third option that they desperately need and have been waiting so long for. Plus, we all know the force Jimmy can be on the defensive end and would complement our newest addition Dwight Howard. This acquirement would give a tremendous boost to the lazy defense Washington sometimes find themselves playing either late or early in the game.

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