Out With The Old and In With the New Wheatley


Samuel E. Wheatley is no doubt one of the cornerstone elementary schools in the Trinidad community. Residing on Neal St. in between Montello and Trinidad Avenue, Wheatley is the neighboring school for the southern residents of Trinidad. Extending from Oates St. to West Virginia Ave. to Florida Ave. to Bladensburg Rd, the kids in that radius normally attended Wheatley with some exceptions. The teachers and counselors of the 70\’s to the 90\’s are still very much talked about in the community. Teachers like Ms. Selmar (6th grade), Ms. Payton (6th grade), Ms. Chase (3rd grade), Ms. Scott-Green (4th/5th grade), Mr. Jones (Gym), Mr. Ayala (Counselor), Ms. Braxton (1st grade), Ms. Warren (2nd grade), Mr. Glouster (5th grade) and Ms. Archie (Physical Education) to name a few. During this era, Wheatley was from Pre-K to 6th grade.

The New Wheatley has been remodeled on the inside and outside. It houses kids from Pre-K to 8th grade with them being divided by different wings and floors of the school. The cafeteria no longer triples as the auditorium and gym as well, as they have built a new and improved gymnasium. The hard concrete blocks and monkey bars which posed as an outdoors playground (lawsuit) is no longer there and has been replaced with an outdoor basketball court. The new playground and track are located in the area where the old Joseph Cole Recreation Center used to be. Overall the changes look great for the neighborhood, but from DC Public School ratings we still need to get our neighborhood kids back on a better learning track.


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