P.A.I.N.T.S Covers the District

Take a second and just think \”what would our world be without ART?\” Sure the thought was very stale, boring, not much culture nor creativity. Luckily The P.A.I.N.T.S. Institute knows the impact and importance ART places in our society, and throughout the world.  It was demonstrated at the Howard Theater for the unveiling of the masterpiece \”DC Wards Story Collection.\”

Scrolling our Instagram feed we stopped on P.A.I.N.T.S. page with its beautiful art and bright colors. Furthermore, we made the invite list to bring you this phenomenal program initiative. The 2016 Art Leadership Program is a holistic summer internship that focuses on art education in the context of the whole person by combining both academic and technical instruction in various artistic mediums with experiential learning opportunities, and much more.

DC Wards Story Collection

The 2016 intern class boasts 19 of the most creative D.C. youth between the ages of 14 and 24. The class is led by a cadre of six young adults.  Without a doubt, \”DC Wards Story Collection\” inspired the crowd. The creators and the city are in for a great treat. Briefly speaking with Executive Director, John Chisholm, we learned that this is a six weeks leadership program held at the University of the District of Columbia. That was enough for us.  The program participants had the opportunity to work alongside Creative Director, Demont \”Peekaso\” Pinder. While creating \”DC Wards Story Collection\” Mr. Pinder says \”the beauty of this whole project is to show what happens when you come together as one and create something.\”

The 2016 Aspiring Artists are:

Adelaide Mendelson     Dej\’ anelle \”PHRANC\” Grimes       Kemonie Carter       Nidia Leak

Alston Tobin                  Irving Silva       Maurice Ogletree       Sanika Williams       Yasmine Posey

Christopher Ackerman    Jillian Jackson       Melvin West       Simone Crozier       Tray Johnson

D\’Angelo Martino           Janae Charles       Matthew McLean       Stephanie Berry       Taijhona Smith  


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