A Permanent Space for Native Washingtonians in All 8 Wards

While Clark Construction, Forrester, and others continue to build commercial infused residential properties in the city, consuming every centimeter of space, it\’s very important that the city reserves a few inches for other plans.

Introducing Plans with a Purpose

Perhaps with the proposed legislation introduced by Councilmember McDuffie will be passed to \”Honor Historic Contributions of Native Washingtonians of Color and Women.\”  The potential this proposed legislation sets forth is monumental, has impact, and gives residents of the District the opportunity to embrace the greatness, that often times never gets any attention.  Personally, I would love something of substance added value and ambiance to embellish the community other than wine and spirits.  \”The bill is designed to memorialize them, educate residents and visitors about them, honor their legacy, and increase representation of native Washingtonian women and minority historic figures lauded throughout the city,\” says Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie.

There is a possibility that the Council may share the same sentiment and passed the proposed legislation which would direct the Commemorative Works Commission to erect statues in each of the city\’s 8 wards that highlight native Washingtonians who are women and minorities and allow the Council itself to sponsor a commemorative work on public space in the District.

The \”Native Washingtonian Women and Minorities Historical Memorial Amendment Act of 2017\” would make the inaugural state sponsored by the Council a memorial to honor Charles Hamilton Houston, a native Washingtonian and graduate of Dunbar High School.  \”Houston led the law program at Howard University, and then went on to serve as special counsel for the NAACP, where he laid the legal foundation responsible for dismantling the American system of segregation,\” state Councilmember McDuffie.

\”The District of Columbia has been the birthplace for many unsung figures who had an  impact on, not just the District of Columbia, but the entire nation,\” says McDuffie.

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