Positing Your Company to Sustain this Digital World

The weather was fitting for the “Digital Transformation Summit” which was powered by Dell.  The summit took place at the Ritz Carlton on Thursday, October 26.

Power On

While standing against the wall, scanning the gigantic ball room for a seat; I’m thinking to myself- not many people declined the opportunity to learn from Dell.  The \”Digital Transformation Summit\” started on time, with the first panel discussion “Transformation from the Hill.\”   Remarks given by Congresswoman Robin Kelly, (D-IL).  The next panel discussion “Realize Your Digital Future” was presented by Marius Haas, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Dell EMC.


Upon my arrival, “Workforce Transformation Chat” was about to begin.  Moderated by Steve Harris of Dell EMC.  During this discussion it was refreshing to learn that Dell does listen to its customers.  Panelist Randy Kendzior emphasized that point by sharing a story about one of his clients, the military.  “Chrome based system had a glare, PG took it back and turned into a black matte based system that we have today.”

There’s a possibility learning and listening about technology can be a bore, but when Dell presents a summit, it’s a dynamic experience and lives up to its title, “Digital Transformation Summit.”  From the Technology Expo to the digital character drawings; the summit was centered around innovation.


The next panel “Cyber Security from the White House” was presented by Grant Schneider from the Executive Office of the President.  Mr. Schneider shared some service provider expectations with participants.

“Our technology has to be simple, and apple did this well” he stated while given remarks.  Not only that, but the service must have tools that are agile- solve next week’s issue, having integrated tools which work seamlessly with tools already existing.  The one expectation which was most valuable he mentioned – service providers having tools that are affordable.  Along with securing the systems out the box, making them easier for consumers.

Summit Highlights

With more than 25 panelists on the agenda schedule to talk technology, writing a few notes down while listening is helpful.  Here are some tips that can possibly help your company in this digital world:

Believe it or not! companies must create the culture to sustain its current mission to align in this digital technology world.  Not talking being left off “Bad and Boujee” Culture, but tech culture.  In doing so, companies should be consider adapting to the tech environment, positioning itself for advancement in the environment, along with flexibility; being able to solve existing, pending, and future issues in the technology world.


First, a company must think of the culture it wants to create in this technology world, but security is key.  The goal is preserving the company’s culture in this technology world.  How will you ensure that your company can exist beyond its domain name?  Can it survive Cyber security threats?

Then a company must consider its look.  That is correct! No culture of people wants to look displeasing.  In other words, will your company have a local office or remote location? Currently, many employees in the federal government have the capability to tele-work from home.  Not only that, but what will the culture of the company look like?  Will you optimize your existing value or contract for hire specific tasks?

Although artificial intelligence is taking over, companies should not solely rely on AI alone.  The companies feature should be vast and wide, however align with the mission of the company which can sustain in the tech world.

Perhaps you\’re a legacy company transitioning into the technology world.  Don’t freeze up! you can create a culture within the existing company!  But before you embark on the transition, research is key in securing your data:

  • Companies should consider researching the current and future threats in the marketplace.
  • What current software programs best suited for the transition?
  • Who are existing service providers?
  • What type of network system updates will be required?
  • Evaluate company value, current and future.
  • If legacy company, how many employees have information technology experience or education background knowledge? How many are you willing to train?
  • Are employees comfortable with the transition tools?
  • How will the creating the culture impact the company? Both positive and negative results are important.

Now the most important question at this point could possibly be how will your company survive?  By first establishing an identity worthy of sustaining a culture in the technology world.  In an environment where identity is king since it is data, the company’s infrastructure depends on its first security measure.  Keep in mind that you want your company’s culture to sustain Cyber security threats.

Hopefully, these tips can help jumpstart your company\’s transition into the digital technology environment.  The shift takes time, but technology is constantly changing so don’t wait too long to create a sustainable culture in this technology environment.

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